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    The top layer of my keyboard came off on my Palm Centro and got lost. It's almost like a plastic skin that is clear that goes over the actual keyboard. It is like a sticker that just attaches on top of the keyboard itself.

    The keyboard works fine without the piece - the buttons are just no longer raised. I can post a picture if it would help...

    I know I can replace the whole keyboard - but if I can get just this top piece/layer - I wouldn't have to open the phone.

    I called Palm and of course they were no help - they want $160 to fix the phone.

    Anyone else have this come off? It started to peel off in one corner about a month ago and I knew it was just a matter of time. Of course I lost it in the bar this weekend and did not notice it was gone until it was too late.


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    Search ebay for "palm centro keyboard"
    There's always a ton of them for sale - usually < $20

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