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    I have a Centro which is dying and a 755p to replace it. I see a couple issues setting up:

    I currently have 2 Palm desktop accounts, one for the old TX and one for the Centro. This is a kludge, obviously. Can I use the same Palm Desktop account for 2 devices, having the Treo sync to, say, the Centro user? Otherwise I need something to auto-sync the different Palm Desktop user data.

    I also don't have a Treo user manual. Anything in particular I should do to set it up? There's not much special on the Centro, just NVbackup. With the larger screen perhaps I can do more with the Treo.

    Should you wonder why I'm using an obsolete device it's bc I have a great cell plan which does not allow Android OS (SERO). There are a few decent WM phones compatible with SERO (iirc the HTC TouchPro2) but I'm not up for another IT project right now. Moving sideways to a Treo costs less in dollars and time.
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    Nothing special that I can think of.

    Yes you can sync several accounts with the same desktop software.

    The treo manual is online,

    I understand about not getting a new device. I have no plans to change any time soon.

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