The reason I ask is this.

Everyone is concerend about their passwords to acces the vision portion of the web. What is the password you say. My understanding is that there is NO password on the phone - there is probably some other user authentication going on.

The reason that we cant get onto vision is that it requires a password, but its like a catch 22.

There are two know ways of getting a password for vision. The first and the ones that the stumps at CS will tedll you to do is on the website. Thats fine for those who have the vision creat/change option on the webpage. For thos of us that DONT (like myself), there is another way that has been explained at Howards forms.

What you have to do is buy a game or ringer from sprintpcs vision using your handset. When you do this it will ask you for your account password THEN it will ask you CREATE a vision password (remember you dont have one yet). That password will then work on the webpage login page (vision side).

Now the wquestion is - how the heck do you buy a ringer or game on the Treo. On an A500, SCP4900 thats about all you can do - but I have not been able to do it on the treo yet.

Any Ideals