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    A few relevant posts from another thread. I haven't gotten mine (pushed mail) working yet but there appears to be some progress and creative solutions. My mail goes through a firewall but syncs fine. Broom sez SMS messages trigger a pull which sounds like a good observation but I'm not getting them. I did set all the alerts to on at the website.

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    I've got "pushed messages to device" in Business Conncetion working, sort of. When I first checked it, nothing happened, no messages. I then clicked on the button at the bottom forcing a sync, retrieving my messages manually. Somehow, this must have updated my settings, because messages started to be pushed automatically (received them on my Treo about 30 seconds after arriving in my inbox on my desktop). However, after a lull of about 2.5 hours of not receiving any emails to my desktop, when I again received a message it didn't "push" to the Treo. I'm not sure what is happening.

    BTW, forgot to mention that if you want a "messages waiting" sort of message via SMS on Business Connection, that works fine. You've got to set it up via the site. Login, then go to settings, then under the "alerts" section, check the "all alerts on" button. Then, click through on the "business connection alert settings" link in this section. Check "send me alerts of all new unread business connection mail." This works, even if you don't have data service. I set this up, and during the 48 hours or so that I couldn't get provisioned, I was getting sms messages almost instantly letting me know that I'd received an email to my desktop (sender, subject, date and time). It was driving me crazy knowing that it was working, but not being able to actually access the email by my Treo. Now all is well. I've turned off the alerts, since I get the actual mail pushed to me (no need to have a message alert that I've got mail in my inbox and then immediately see the mail).

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    I believe the way BC works (at least the way it seems to be working on mine) is that if you tell the palm client to "push" email, the BC server sends an SMS message to your Treo when new mail arrives, then the Treo connects to the BC server to download the mail. Not really "push", more like "notify-and-pull". The way I have it configured is to send me a notification when new mail arrives (this is configured at, but I have my Treo set to "No scheduled sync or push". This way I get an SMS message with the sender/subject when new mail arrives, and if I want to actually view the body I can tell Biz Conn to go get the full email. Good thing is that SMS messages are unlimited and free, so the notifications don't count as data, only the pulling of the actual email contents. I realize this doesn't work for everybody, but it's sufficient for me.
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    There is a "push" setting on the Palm client for BC. Until today it was not working. It work all day today with numerous tests I ran. Very cool. Just like a Blackberry... about 1 minute delay from the time it showed up on my mail server til the time it was pushed to my palm. We use Lotus Notes as a mail server (if that helps/matters any). BTW... I am not receiving any SMS messages before the push.
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    i've got it all set up, and can see changes instantaneously at and am getting mail 'pushed' after a short delay.
    I don't seem to be getting the SMS messages, only the sync and the actual unread mail in my bc inbox on my Treo. I'd prefer to simply get a SMS message showing subject and from fields, and then choose to download the message. Any ideas???

    Also, does your computer have to be on with Outlook opened for messages to push? If so, that defeats the purpose somewhat in my mind... Isn't the goal to have automatic delivery to a handheld directly from the exchange server????

    Thanks in advance.


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