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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anybody else has this Problem. During a HotSync, if I receive and SMS the following seems to happen.

    1) The SMS is received in my SIM card, but not the Treo
    2) I need to turn the Radio off then On, Then I am alerted to the fact that there is a SMS in my SIM card.

    Does this happen to other people? Is there a way to poll the SIM card to see if there are any Messages waiting? I am not sure what happens if you are on the Phone and receive an SMS...

    Anybody have any ideas what is going on here? I don't turn my phone of for weeks at a time, and so can miss some messages.

    Also it does not automatically copy the SMS to the phone and give a notification, instead it asks you if you want to copy the SMS. Is it possible to copy to the phone Automatically?

    Any comments?
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    Mine works the same way but I don't need to turn the radio off then on again. It just appears after the hotsync is over.

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    Mine does the same.
    But, for instance, when my phone is off for more than one day (traveling), and SMSs are waiting on my SIM card, Treo copies only the last message received.
    All other queued messages seem to be lost (or I don't know how to get them back).

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