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    Hey all - long time lurker, first time poster.

    I ordered my Treo 300 from Handspring yesterday so I'm anticipating getting it tomorrow or Friday.

    A friend of mine at work has a 180 and uses TreoMail and seems to like it.

    Is anyone here using TreoMail and/or Sprint's business software with their internal corporate email? I'd love to hear some anecdotes about how it's working.

    Some specific questions:

    - Can you reply to emails you get on your Treo and have them show up as coming from your corporate address?
    - Do you have your settings such that you get your email pushed to you at certain intervals or does it just check when you synch or go online?

    Feel free to give all impressions - I've been lurking here a while but I haven't noticed any in-depth discussions specifically about corporate email applications.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Treo mail worked well with the 270 and had a message waiting icon but no pushes. It has a controllable autosigniture and looks like you are sending to and from your company account.

    Sprint's Business Connection syncs the same way but as of yet, I can't get the alerts to work and no pushes. You can also access it via the web on a PC or the Treo and access the Outlook Global Address Book, and even a network or PC folder you designate. It has great potential but nobody has reported a successful email notification or push yet. I would love to be the first. There may be an update needed to the Palm client because the user manual shows delta sync but there's no option for that on the Palm.

    On the flip side the PC client may not be pushing the messages properly. I guess the fact that it communicates at all through the firewall is proof of concept but I want to see pushed mail before I pass my 14 day mark.
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    As I posted in another thread, I have received a succesful "push" email from my desktop. It occured after I synced manually, although I'm not sure there is a connection. Seems to work intermittently, but the fact that it works at all means that it SHOULD work.
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    Starting today... I am receiving pushed emails also from BC
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    Originally posted by RLewis
    Starting today... I am receiving pushed emails also from BC
    Thanks... signs of progress

    Is the notification an sms message or audible alert (or both) ?

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