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    Too long a story to tell regarding how it all hapened, but the Sprint store asked its location not to be disclosed. They spent about four hours getting my phone hooked up at the Sprint Store, (no problem because I live above the building) and after I picked it up they hadn't tried internet access. No provisioning. I asked the tech specialist in the store to fix it, and he told me they received an e-mail stating that the time and date had to be correct to provision. I was doubtful, given all the stuff I'd heard from others, but to my suprise it worked. Two minutes, and I was on the web. Now just trying to sync with OS X. I've already read all stories, so a dragged an old Gateway notebook out I had laying around. The cd drive not working, and windows 95 keeps me from using my removable storage. Looks like a long night.

    This might not help anyone, but if it does I'd be glad to answer any more questions, as they gave me quite a lesson. Just post here, if I can help I will.

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    What plan did you get? 1 phone or 2 phone plan?

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    That is interesting, I have made several calls over the last few days trying to get my Treo connected. Shortly after I talked to a support Tech I noticed that my clock was a couple of minutes slow. As I changed the time the unit connected and started updating. I never thought a thing about it. I just assumed that I finally got though to someone who knew which in was up.
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    I stepped my minutes down to a 2000 daytime minute plan for $89.99 and pay for 20mb totaling $119.99, but the data is free up to the 20mb mark for 3 months. This is why I went with 20 mb. They told me I can go down to 2 after the free 3 month period. I also was able to keep my Timeport and they gave me another Sanyo SCP-6000 for free. I'm not sure how the math works. I have no contract or pay to have three phones on shared minutes. This was one of the in store "secrets" the manager let me in on. I also get a volume discount of about 20%, so my bill went from $149 to $89 plus data minus discounts. I also was able to eliminate my girlfriend's phone (less than 100 minutes per month) with the Sanyo for a total savings of about $110 monthly. Hope this all makes sense.


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