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    Ok folks one hour after activating with PCS CS, brand new phone, brand new phone number, I am surfing my work web page.

    With no bars on the signal meter inside my house (!) I am still surfing at what seems a comparable speed to dial-up, I have had DSL two years, it's hard to remember how slow AOL was on dial up, but this is pretty zippy.

    Gone to Ebay, and other sites but only so far inside, have to go to a mtg soon we'll see what happens outside...

    this is very cool.
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    Wow! Other people are reporting much slower than modem connection speeds.

    What speed are you experiencing?

    This sounds wonderful! Your the first post of someone who thinks you can browse at a decent speed.

    Where are you located?

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    I was provisioned for data in less than one hour from activation and had only tried surfing in my house with no signal strength meter bars at Long Beach, CA

    Outside the house, in Fountain Valley, with all bars showing on the signal strength meter icon, I loaded the header page of (not a web clipped page, the real deal) in about 30 seconds, I think it was a total of 120k loaded.

    There were some very fast burst speeds, then a pause, then another burst that gets faster, then very fast, then a pause. At times it seemed it was truly faster than dial-up, but there were longish pauses.

    I think people are right, these pauses are when Blazer is somehow choking and can't handle so much input. If the bottleneck could be addressed, it seems like the thoughput would be quite amazing.

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