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    I am currently a Sprint customer using a regular Wap enabled phone, and am trying to decide whether to purchase a Treo 300. One factor is certainly the cost of the 3G data serrvice and the 2MB included within most of the standard plans.

    I use my phone extensively to check my email accounts using myYahoo, which is currently available on the Sprint Wireless Web menu. I use the "Check Other Email" function on Yahoo mail to POP my other email boxes, including my work email. I also scan through the Yahoo News, Business and Weather areas.

    I have seen many people post their experiences of using Blazer to get regular HTML pages. However, can someone please tell me their experience using Blazer to access WAP sites such as myYahoo (at . Can you confirm that this is still accessible.

    I realize that one of the big benefits of having a Treo 300 and 3G is the ability to view color HTML pages, and I am sure I would enjoy that over my current phone. However, there are just times when I need the text information and using WAP is very efficient in terms of conserving the data usage (and ultimately keeping my cost down).
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    I have been to a number of wap sites with blazer, including yahoo's...

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