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    I had no existing PCS service and no other handsets, I just walked through activation with a CS rep in 10 minutes. She said in two hours it should be activated, it's 1:30 here in SoCal.

    I got the $69.99 with 800/5200 and 8 MB data, brand new phone number, and walked through the actual activation.....

    you must give the ESN, then enter ** and six digits and use the green longish phone icon on the LCD to enter this code. Only the CS rep can tell you that is unique to each Treo.

    Then you are prompted to another Treo set up screen by pressing the green phone icon, and you enter your actual PCS phone number, leaving the SID and other field (there are only three fields) blank.

    It said "congratulations" your Treo is programmed.

    CS said two hours....I'll wait and see
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    I dialed *2 and they got my ESN off the network. I did not have to enter a code at all. The CSR did it all....

    They told me 2hrs too, but 5 min later, I get a message to update. I selected yes. Less than 5 minutes later, I was surfing the web.
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    what kind of message did you get....a text message?

    where does this message appear and how do you know you have a message ? Does it prompt you somehow?
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    My experience today was the same as cfsully's. I activated through *2, left my Treo in phone standby, and within five minutes got the "wanna update?" message. Oh, yesssss. I too was websurfing immediately afterwards. Three more things to add:

    1. I've never had Sprint PCS service before. Actually, I've never had any kind of cell phone service before (Really. There are such people in the world). Could it be that some of the problems other people are reporting are due to conflicts between "Sprint Vision" service and their previous 2G Sprint service?

    2. In the course of activating I mentioned to the rep that I had heard (here, of course) that Sprint was requiring a two-year committment for Vision service. She told me that was so. I told her it wasn't so on Sprint's web site, at least in my area, and that a two-year commitment would be a dealbreaker for me. She quickly backtracked and offered me a one-year commitment.

    3. I'm getting wickedly fast downloads from some sites, at least compared to the torpid Omnisky-***-Earthlink Wireless CDPD service I've been using for the past year or so. I haven't tried to time it yet, but I would estimate it as up to 30-40 Kbps, or like a good dialup connection. As others have noted, downloads tend to be "bursty", but when it's bursting, it's very impressive - the Blazer Kb counter can't keep up, and spins ahead in 5-10 Kb chunks. That's at my office, though, which is a four-bar signal strength zone. We shall see if it's as good at my home, which is is a 1 or 2-bar zone.
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    Originally posted by dwphillips

    1. ...Could it be that some of the problems other people are reporting are due to conflicts between "Sprint Vision" service and their previous 2G Sprint service?
    This appears to be the pattern with us who had "reprovisioning" problems. Everybody I saw who was having the error used to have SprintPCS plans and just now changed their primary phone to a Vision plan. People new to Sprint appear to be pretty safe.
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    I guess the Sprint test was only on new subscribers, not us "old timers".....screwed again!

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    I'm an new Sprint subscriber and everything except the Business Connection mail push is working. I signed up with Sprint a few years ago but cancelled because they didn't want me to use any of my features for a few weeks while they had a special task force of people working on them. So I'm new to them this time.

    To the Sprint tech who feels this group is (?????) there is alot of misinformation on this board and lots of good info. Just like the rest of the world. People who need information that can't get it from the huge company they pay their money to look elsewhere

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