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    - Changed to a Vision plan on Sunday am
    - Never received on new phone the SMS with Vision id/pw
    - Created Sprint ticket Mon pm
    - Tech rep found ESN issue
    - Told to wait for a call or SMS message from Sprint - never arrived as of Wednesday pm

    I performed a Hard Reset today just out of frustration for not getting a response from Sprint yet. Other posters on this board had a Hard Reset fix their reprovisioning issues, so I figured what the hell. Magically, the next time I went to connect, it all worked! So much for the 27-step manual reprovisioning process.

    Now I see my Vision ID account in the Network settings and can connect to the web. No account name in the phone section, but I'm hearing that's normal for the Treo.

    *Just a reminder that you should synch up your data before the Hard Reset because it's going to be lost until you resynch after the Hard Reset.
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    No new updates - just didn't want this thread to sink down too low where someone who needs it might not see it.

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