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    Ok broke down bought one at CompUSA this a.m.

    It is virginal, no existing PCS account, charging now.

    What is best way to activate, talk to Sprint Tech Support?

    Web page is down right now....

    Use the Treo to activate?

    Please advise oh great ones......
  2. #2 may be one of the LUCKY ones ! Virginal Sprint PCS current possibility (yeah, right) for ESN screw-up...

    I'd call them directly. Ask for the best plan available with Vision.

    Good luck, keep us posted on how it goes.

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    ok i'm calling tech support not CS.

    I have no PCS plan now, the phone is charging I'm sure it will take almost as long to wait for TS.

    I'll keep y'all posted.
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    You wont get through to Tech Support. You don't have a problem - They have enough problems.................

    I did it last night. Call the number that comes up when you try to activate online.

    They will give you a code, then you put you phone number in. Thats it.

    Wait two hours.

    Call yourself - if your phone rings. Good. Then run the little provisioning routine in settings, network.

    you will be on line in 2 hours.
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    Thought you may want to know about rates here in Houston. Just came from the PCS store. For $89/month get 2000 anytime minutes, 2 MB and can add a second share pool phone for free. To add 6 MB add $10. This is a good deal I think if you need daytime minutes and not a bunch of night and weekend minutes.
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    posted a new thread didn't mean to.....but i thought it was better call TS rather than CS to provision the phone. seems so many problems.

    I have NO PCS account now, and their web page is down.....

    been waiting a long time for tech support, so far an hour. hum. the phone is fully charged, should i just try and activate it from the Treo itself ?
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    You cant activate from the phone itself I believe. Just call the number that comes up when you try to activate online. You will be set in 2 hour - no need to be paranoid.
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    I was very successful with sprint CSR today. Prior to calling sprint, I only set up the synch. I spent a lot of time on the phone, but most of it was askibg questions on plans and services.

    Once done on the phone, my phone was ready to use 10 min later. I think sprint is getting their act together!!!

    Boston, MA
    I am typing on my Treo 300
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    I currently have a Kyocera 6035 through sprint that I gave to a coworker and old friend to use but kept in my name. I have a 6035 through sprint and have had a Visor Prism with Visor Phone, so I know a little bit about Palm OS phones, anyway, I called a number today that I was given when I called the standard SprintPCS number it was for employees of stores that carry Sprint, even though I can't get an employee rate, I get a discount for working there, and let me tell you its great, and it was real easy to do. I signed a 3 year deal but they gave me $150 bucks off the phone, if I cancel before then I just have to pay the $150 bucks, it was a great deal for the Treo 300 which I am looking forward to using...... I got a nice discount on the plan too

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