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    Has anybody got web clippings working on their 300? I downloaded the files needed but I still can't get it to work.
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    I have tried a few Web Clipping Apps. 555-1212 worked nicely but Thin Air Apps mail failed because the Treo, like the I300, is not supported. I plan to try the Mapquest one soon and I will post my results.
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    Did you change the proxy server using the "secret menu"? That might explain your problems. I wish I had the link but the information on how to change the proxy server settings for Web Clipping was posted on one of the Treo boards before.
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    I tried Starbucks, Mapquest, FOLDOC, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and they all failed.

    Can anyone explain why these are failing or why the Treo 300 is not compatible with the pqas?


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