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    Well, here is my issue. I have web access, green arrows, etc. what i can't do is access email. we don't use Exchange, Lotus-Notes, nor do we have an IMAP server. Is there a POP3 email solution that will work for me?

    Also, i was under the impression that messaging (SMS, AOL IM, etc.) is supported by Sprint. However, I cannot seem to find a place to use these messaging features. (e.g., in the SPRINT PCS Web screen under messaging all i get is access to Business Connect which only give me access to an email like interface which does not work for me.)

    Any advice?

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    The only help I can give you is that AOL IM for Palm can be found at:

    You have to download it, then hotsync to your Treo.

    Not sure if anyone has done this and made it work. Anyone?

    Good luck. My Treo is on the way...hoping it provisions and all...

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    Try using the Sprint Business Connection program to access POP3 email.

    You can use the ICQ application on the Treo, but I am not sure about AOL IM.


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