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    I couldn't get either of these to work (MSN Messenger FORCE, Mergic VPN), nor could I get ICQ or AIM going.

    My Win32 versions all work fine, of course.
    I'd really love to get VPN working so I can control work PCs from my phone...
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    I managed to get MSN Messenger Force working, but only periodically. Sometimes I get a message that it cannot connect, which I find strange, since this should connect regularly. I find that a soft-reset or an on-off on the phone features can improve odds of connecting.

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    I'm using Movian VPN very successfully, though you may need to buy your network admina drink or two!

    good luck
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    How much does it cost? It looks very deep-pockets enterprise-oriented....
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    I think it costs $29.99 per handheld per year
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    Where can you download it? Form on the site says they will contact in a few days.

    MergicVPN is not working for me and would like to try this app.


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    I just filled out the form, then as they say they sent me the link to the download for a 30 trial version.

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