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    I decided not to buy the insurance at CompUSA, $99 for 2 years but am not sure about the decision. I've dropped my share of cell phones and had them knocked off my belt in the past. I'd hate to have to pay $500 all over again.


    Sprint offers insurance at $48/year with a $35 deductible, and reconditioned phone replacements.

    CompUSA has new phone replacement policy with a $50 cost per year.

    many credit cards cover insurance for the first 90 days

    Any input would be appreciated.
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    With CompUSA replacement plans it only allows for 1 replacement. So if you drop your phone 6 months from now they will give you a brand new phone no questions asked, but THAT'S IT. You are off the plan after that and would have to buy another replacement plan. I learned this when I had to replace a USB Hub.

    With Sprint's replacement plan you get up to 2 replacements a year. So long as you keep paying the $4 a month fee ($48 a year).
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    Some people keep accidentially running over their phones with their SUVs when their models are discontinued. 4/mo is a good deal for a 500 dollar phone but there is a 35 deductable.

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