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    I'd like to copy the content of a Blazer website
    (an address for instance) to another application
    (Notepad, Address Book).
    But there seems to be no possibility to copy any
    text when I'm using Blazer on my 270.

    Am I missing

    Many thanks in advance
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    Yes, I've noticed the same problem. There is no "edit" menu offering the "cut, copy, paste" options to copy text to another application. Any workaround?
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    I noticed the same problem also with the AvantGo Browser. Can't copy all those useful tips from Maxim-Online to notepad!
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    That's the statement from Handspring support:

    We understand that you wish to copy contents from Blazer to another
    application within the Treo.

    This is a limitation of the software.


    This is disappointing. I hope Handspring will fix this in further releases.

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    that is one of the reasons i use xino you can edit and also copy to the memo pad


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