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    Hi all - I tried searching the forum and didn't get a good match regarding my issue and that is...I'm trying to tether my iPad (wifi) to my Sprint Palm Centro via bluetooth but am clueless on what to do. I read some posts regarding PDANet? Can anyone assist here? Thanks a bunch.
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    I don't think it is possible, the Centro wold have to be capible of wifi, the way wife router works is it takes the wifi antenna in the WM devices and then uses it to broadcast a wifi signal of the phone internet, since Centro does not do wife, I can't see where it could broadcast.
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    @trojan23_us: I think I understand what you are asking.

    You have an iPad that is wifi only, and you want to tether to your centro via a bluetooth connection.

    <edit> I thought I had this figured out for you with a hack I had (BtManager.Verizon.prc), but it was for my 650. Sorry.
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