I am absolutely floored. Here is the timeline.

11am spoke to Customer Care (5th time). The rep filled out a 'form' that was going to supervisors....no idea of what was done. Phone reprogrammed.

10:54pm Received the following SMS message:
From: No Caller ID
Date: 8/13/02
Welcome to SPCS Wireless Web messaging. Go to www.messaging.sprintpcs.com to send & manage messages.

I attempted to provision through Blazer but no luck. Went to bed.

5:15am I woke up and attempted to provision again. It worked! The only place I saw my username was when provisioning, and it was (first initial lastname)02.

I browsed a few mobile sites and while the speed is not what I would consider 'fast' it is significantly faster than browsing susing 2G. In the past I have used a TP2200 with a socket DPC cable and a Toshiba Maestro to browse the web and it was painfully slow even on sites formatted for mobile devices.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to carry one device instead of two plus cables.