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    Vaja Finally released a Treo case (well pouch) for the cell phone modules.

    It looks pretty slick, but as a Treo 90 user I don't think it is really for me, but I think a 90 case is just around the corner...
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    See it here.
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    Is there any case that let me use the Treo when he is inside the case, looking for this kind of cases for a long time ....
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    I got one of the Vaja cases on the way, which I will happily review for the masses (along with whoever else gets it right away ;-). The only thing I can foresee not liking about this case is that it's got a regular button-in-the-clip thing for connecting to the belt. While that method is great for cases that you remove from your belt and stay on the device, I don't think it will be that good for a case that is meant to remain on the belt and have the device removed from it. But hey, it's Vaja, so I know it will be great for what it is. And maybe the swiveling will be a good thing... we'll see.


    And no, I haven't made my own case yet, so stop asking. :P
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