I've installed business connection on my desktop and Treo (sits behind the corporate firewall on my desktop). Seems very slick, and works well. I also downloaded the 150 page manual, but can't seem to find the answer to a couple of questions that I have:

1. How do I open and view attachments? I've got a message with a word document attached. By scrolling down to the bottom of the message I can see that there is an attachment. Clicking on the attachment button brings me to an "attachments" screen with the name of the attachment and the size. However, there doesn't seem to be any way to bring over the attachment (and then read it). I assume that I'll need third party software to read the attachment (wordsmith, dataviz, etc.), but I can't get it on my Treo in the firstplace.

2. Settings ... Sync Prefs ... Smart Power Sync: I wasn't able to understand from the manual exactly how this works. With smart power sync checked, should I also check one of the boxes below "use custom sync settings" (specifically "sync at specified intervals" - the manual seems to imply that I should), or should I leave this blank? If I only check the "smart power sync", any ideas on how frequently it polls my inbox when the battery is full, when it isn't full, etc.?