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    Handspring communicators get graffiti
    [MacUser] 13:39
    Handspring's Treo communicator 180 and 270 devices are to get the popular PalmOS-based Graffiti handwriting software from Communications Intelligence Corporation (CIC).

    The Treo 180g comes with a Graffiti area at the expense of the button keyboard on the other models, but the RecoEcho Plus software will add the Graffiti option to the 180 and 270 as well, via on-screen input.

    All aspects of Graffiti input are supported, including alpha, numeric, punctuation, extended characters, and shortcuts.

    The software is currently being finalised before inclusion on the Treo installation CD. For more information, visit the CIC Web site.
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    Please don't post the same thing to more than one board.

    If you're excited by this prospect (as I've gleened from you having cross-posted and all the exclamation points in the subject), CIC has had a few products out that put Graffiti on treos for a while. Moreover, NewPen, a free product, is quite nice.
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    If I didn't know any better I would think that this guy works for CIC.
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    I am a registered user of Jot, yet I am currently using NewPen. Overall NewPen is great as freeware, but it's certainly not jot ... yet

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