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    All I get is

    Error 500 - Internal Server Error

    and some detail explaining that the server (presumably the Blazer proxy whatever) puked trying to serve that page. I take some solace that it's a server-side problem so I hope I don't need to fix anything on my side for it to work...

    Try (from blazer) - I get "Cannot display requested page". If I go to, select "Personal" then "Wireless" then "Log on" I get the error above.

    Am I the only one?

    Also if I go to from IE and try to log on using my username (as opposed to the phone#) it says "Since I am not the user that created the account, I need to change the password". ????. If I log on via my phone #, then select an option that requires a username login, my password is accepted fine...
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    Dunno if anyone cares, but a sprint support rep tell me that may of the sprintpcs pages don't work from Blazer because they are "upgrading their servers". ETA 24 hours or so. No word on why I can't connect from my PalmOS Sprint Business Connection client (error 109 and 110).
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    "Since I am not the user that created the account, I need to change the password
    I got that tonight. It didn't allow me to change it to the older one. So I changed it to a new one.

    When you do that, the phone ends up getting reprovisioned. I'll have to admit, after all I went through to get this phone provisioned, i get a great feeling of joy seeing it do that

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