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    This relates to Business Connection software. The client on my desktop says I"m connected. I went into the treo Business Connection mail application and checked allow messages to be pushed to the phone, but no messages are received unless I sync. Anybody have this working correctly ? All my alerts are on and I don't seem to have any audible or visual message waiting alert either. When the mail is received as the result of a sync, the alert goes off.

    Treo mail for the 270 had a functional messaging waiting icon but no push.
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    I get error 110 when I try and sync to it from their palm client app. I called them yesterday and they said the server is being upgraded.

    I did find, though - that I could get it via blazer and and read email, etc.

    I did get push working for an hour or so yesterday, though.
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    What will be interesting is if the server upgrades preserve the push/non push setting you specify in the phone. I'm not sure how that communication takes place but when I changed my vision name the phone saw it when I turned it back on and tried to update the settings. I had to manually update my password after getting registration failure.

    I can sync now but I had to disconnect and reconnect the desktop client. We are also having some SMTP server problems at work. I hope the Sprint software isn't causing it. Maybe turning off push, powering up the phone, then turning it on again and powering up the phone will have any effect.

    This is an interesting board..... lot's of great clues. As usual, you can discover quite a bit by experimenting a bit. I'm pretty surprised I was able to change my vision user name and password, update to blazer 2.0, populate my voice command address book and it all works, except for pushed mail.

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