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    My Treo 755p is acting up. The touch screen gets out of alignment all the time. When I need to tap stuff on the screen I usually have to go into the prefrences and have to recalibrate the touchscreen before I do the task. It works for a few minutes and gets back out of wack. Usually the horizonal axis is off, not the verticle.
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    I just preformed a hard reset and it worked good for about 5 minutes and then started messing up again. No software installed.

    Is there another digital screen alignment software that may fix this problem?
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    I've been having weird problems (including this one ) on and off since I got an 8gb micro SD card. Could that be your problem? (Of course, now I can't find the old 2gb card that I had been using. ..)
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    No, I don't even have a card installed in my phone. My problem started when I REMAOVED a screen protector. I guess pulling it off damaged the digitizer.

    The wonderful folks at Palm has on-line free support if you don't mind chatting. It's level 1 support but that is better than no support. Level 2 support is pay but they quickly told me that I had a hardware issue that needed to be fixed in shop. A $195 service that I quickly declined.

    I ordered a digitizer from eBay for under $6. I'll install it & see if that fixes my problem.
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    Well, I got my part in today and installed it. My phone now works like a champ now.

    Here are the detailed assembly instructions: Palm Treo 755p Display Repair / Replacement
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