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    For those of you who read my previous thread. Sprint PCS *DOES* still charge for add a phone. The reps that I had spoken to (two of them) told me incorrectly that there is no longer a charge for add a phone.

    This is *not* true. The only plans that they do not charge for add a phone are the plans $100 and up. Nice.

    Also, there appears to be NOWHERE on the SPCS web site where they discuss family plans or add a phone plans anymore, and the reps are somewhat clueless about this when you ask. Some will tell you there is no charge for adding a second phone. I was very specific about this -- I asked "there is no charge, at all, whatsoever, for adding a second phone? My total bill will ONLY Be $44.95 per month?" I was told "YES" to this question by two reps.

    Now I have two reps telling me "NO" to this question, that I will still be billed $20 to add this phone. Conveniently though, this extra $20 charge does not show up, at all, on the SPCS web site when I go to the "my plan" page. Nor are there any pages or links that talk about the $20 add a phone charge any more. Eventually maybe there will be.

    I wanted to make sure to correct my previous post so as not to mislead any of you. Sprint may or may not provide you with the correct information when you call.

    I was so fed up with this that I actually considered cancelling my acount. Alas, after looking at the various other offerings from Voice Stream and Verizon Sprint still appears to be the better deal so I will stick with them, begrudgingly.

    Also, a nice little extra treat -- When I called on August 9th to set up my 3g service, Sprint set me up as an existing customer transfering my old plan to my new 3g plan.

    What is interesting about this, is that at the time I was told that I had 14 days to cancel the 2 year contract with no penalty, because my old contract expired at the end of july and my new contract went into effect August 9th.

    As it turns out, since Sprint set this up as a transfer of exesting service and not as a new service (even though phone #'s changed etc) I am not considered as having a new contract. Thus, I Have no 14 day trial period in which to back out of the 2 year contract, and will pay $150 to cancel. I sort of knew this up front, but I find it interesting how sprint essentially "punishes" existing customers but lets new customers off the hook. Kind of backwards. The rep tried to explain it to me as "Well you're an existing customer so you've already had a chance to try the service" When I replied "yes, but I've had no chance to try the 3g yet" she didn't have a good answer.

    Oh well. Live and learn. Sprint sucks, but they still offer the most competitive plan for my needs, so I'm going to suck it up and stick with them.

    I'm wondering what kind of luck I'll have with the retention department.
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    doctorc et al,

    i have a pamphlet (actually, a single piece of paper) with family plans on the back...for Vision... Don't have it with me, but I can try and get a digital picture done tonight and post.

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    I bought a Sanyo 4700 (or something like that) 'cause the CSR rep told me I can add a phone to my $79 5000 min / 20MB plan I had for my Treo 300

    I got the phone home, called to activate it, and they said it's $20 to add the other phone, which will also have 20MB data, except that the Sanyo 4700 can't use data.


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