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    I am getting a little sick of not having my password. Maybe I'll do a poll. The Sprint store insisted I didn't need one, the Sprint CSR that activated me was pretty informed and he daid there is an account password (last 4 of social) that is separate from the vision password which we all seem to be looking for. I believe him but there's no SMS message. The Sprint guy also said they are not allowed to give it to me because of security (they are not allowed to "know" it.
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    Originally posted by work_permit

    Log in using your regular tel #/password in the "My Sprint PCS Phone Number" box. Go to My profile, then setting&preferences, change pcs vision password
    Work_Permit nailed it... it worked as advertised the second time. I also changed my user name which I was told I could do. Everything still works fine, the phone came back and said settings were out of date and updated. I had to manually go in with the new username and password in the network settings but that may have been because my phone froze during the reboot and I reset.

    As far as data speeds, I can see where there are a lot of IP and server settings as soon as you unlock your settings and at least, in the PC world, those settings can make the difference between crawling and running. I left them alone.
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    Originally posted by PCMusician

    Work_Permit nailed it... it worked as advertised the second time.
    We need to post this somewhere very obvious & in a separate thread for all those folks struggling to activate web browsing.
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    . I also changed my user name which I was told I could do.
    Wow, you're a brave man. The web said you would have to call custy svc after doing that. You got away with that? No problems?
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    After god knows how many phone calls, after being told to stay off the phone for a combined 10 hours over the last three days, after an escalated trouble ticket and the threat of calling the Washington Post, and after having encountered the same problems gdgconsulting had w/ the web site, I am now up and running.

    For some reason I was able finally set my Vision PW and after doing so all went well w/ data connection. Good to know that Sprint's people have done NOTHING for me here.

    I want to thank all of you who have gone thru these trials and tribulations with me. It's been a long journey and I'm glad it's over. Time for bed.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    OK a little info from the "horse's mouth".

    DO NOT change your password via the website before you have been provisioned. it will screw you up.

    The above poster got the path right for changing it.

    You will NEVER see your password after you reset or when it is first made. This is for 2 reasons. 1) security 2) So noone else but the user can ever know it
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