Is there anyone here anymore? Sorry in advance for the long post.

I got a “new” (used) Sprint 650 (Firmware 1.13a, Hardware B) to replace my old Sprint 650 (Firmware 1.12, Hardware A) which is resetting randomly. I’m pretty sure the random resets have something to do with the fact that when I upgraded to my 650 from my 600 I think I just restored the entire thing to the 650 off of the SD card from a backup I had done of the 600.

Rather than repeat that same mistake again, I want to do things the right way. I could really use your help/guidance.

My main computer is a mess of old stuff and new stuff from prior computers, so I’m not sure where/what 650 software I have on it, but I do the Palm 650 sync software which I rarely use just to copy my latest address book and calendar to overwrite my Outlook 2003. I have a second computer with no Palm software on it. What’s the best way to do a clean start with the new 650 by doing a Custom ROM and then setting it up with my old contacts, calendar and programs (and hopefully preferences and serials/passwords)? (yes I’ve read the stickies but my questions below aren’t clearly answered as far as I could tell in all the many many pages I read). Both computers are Windows XP Service Pack 3 (not sure if they have .NET).

1. First I want to do a custom ROM on the new 650 so I can use a larger SD card (I read the sticky and did a custom ROM on my old 650 but it’s been a long time and I can't find answers to the following):

a. Do I need the Palm CD software (Hot Sync, etc.) loaded on the computer I use for the process or can I do the Custom ROM process with just the ROM Update Tool program loaded onto the computer?

b. If I don't have the Palm CD Software loaded (I have an XP Service Pack 3), do I need to install drivers or anything other than the ROM Update Tool somehow somewhere?

c. Some old posts mention also being able to add SDHC capability (I had only added FAT32 capability to my old 650), but that it may cause problems with the SMS or texting or something? The old threads have a .prc (SmartTextEngine_Device.prc) that addresses this issue, but I also see later conflicting posts that indicate that there was a Sprint update (?) that fixed that conflict so it isn't necessary to add that? What's the latest on that issue?

d. For doing the Custom ROM process it doesn't matter what my sync name is, right? Or do I need to be sure I use a name that will be the same as my old 650?

2. After I get the Custom ROM, I want to moving from the old 650 to the new one. Knowing that my old 650 was improperly set up using a backup of an old 600, is there a way to not screw up the new 650 but still get my contacts, address book, calendar from the old 650 to the new 650 (without it also bringing over bad code) and then install program by program somehow? (I read the sticky about 600 to 650, but it doesn’t answer these specific concerns/issues):

a. Do I need to figure what (and where) things sync on my laptop first so that I can sync back my contacts and calendar at least or can those be beamed from the old 650 to the new?

b. Many of my programs are old (from 600 days). Is there any way to retain/save/find my registration stuff for my various programs if I don't have that info elsewhere?

c. Is it a bad idea to beam programs from the old to the new instead of a restore?

d. I definitely want to keep the same sync name so at least (hopefully) things that were registered based on the sync name or whatever will still work, right?

e. Also, is there a way I can easily print a list from my 650 showing what I have on it (and what's in ROM)?