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    is anyone aware of a note taking software similar to bugme, etc that has a desktop interface; specifically, i am looking for something that will allow quick notes with hand sketches, etc. and also will syncronize with the desktop. the kicker is the alarm function needs to translate from handheld to desktop in the event that my handheld is left in the car, etc.

    i tried super-notes from handtop but couldnt seem to find an alarm/reminder function for it.

    any help greatly appreciated.
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    I used to use diddlebug all of the time. (Your post reminded me to download it again!). It is freeware and has a decent alarm feature as I recall. You can find it at PalmGear.
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    but is there a desktop interface that will transfer notes to desktop so alarms pop-up on desktop in event that handheld is in car or something.....what i need is note taking palm app for freehand entry and sketches and alarms that work on desktop

    suggestions welcome...
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    Diddlebug either DOES have a desktop interface or is currently working on one but I can't remember. Can anyone else verify this?
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    I use ThoughtManager from Handshigh, Inc. It is an outliner with the ability to add sketches and sync to a desktop interface. It does not do the alarm function though - on the handheld or the desk top. I don't know of anything that will alarm on the desktop. I don't think the Palm desktop will. I am not sure about Outlook.

    Good luck!
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    Check out ...they have a PC viewer that includes a conduit so that you can view the notes on your desktop. Haven't played with it enough yet to tell you whether the alarms carry over, but it's a start.
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