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    I had a 180 for about 3 mo's w/ no problems. Then the infamous dead speaker happened. So two days later, Handspring had a replacement to me, no muss, no fuss. I talked on it for all of 1 day, and then it's speaker died (#2 now).

    Aside from being really pissed that I've two bad 180's, this replacement now whenever you get the lid half-way closed, it activates the menu button. This is with the lid only HALF CLOSED, there is NO physical way for the lit to have hit the menu button, as it is still 3-4" away?!?!

    What gives?
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    just read about loosening the screw... that fixed lid activation of the menu button
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    What screw.... I'm having the same problem on my second 180?
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    I have same dead speaker here and I'm really disappointed, as it will be my 3rd replacement.
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    Originally posted by riverbruce
    What screw....
    on the back of you Treo are four little srews. If you turn the top two by a quarter turn (more or less, you'll have to find out for yourself what works best) the menue should stop popping up. Had the same problem on my first Treo


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