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    has any experienced the screen smudging when you tap on it, with either your pinger or the pen? it is kinda weird, my i300 doesn't do that.. or maybe it is just the demo unit...
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    mine does that too.
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    I put screen protector on my 300 immediately. Got the one sold by Purple Moo, based on recommendations by others on this bulletin board. Like 'em, and much, much better than the old Fellowes kind I cut down and tried--these were for a Palm III and caused an ugly distortion.
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    I've never heard of these and a search on google didn't help me find them. Where did you get yours and/or where do I find more info about them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    i bought the purplemoos for my 270, and i'm completely satisfied with them. I can't really tell they're on the screen until you turn the screen off. They used to be at but they're not there anymore. I hope they didn't go out of business or something.
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    For those who has problem accessing, you may want to try using or the ip: instead. I think the DNS is caching the wrong record.
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    i tried to access today and get an "under construction" message. Is anyone else able to access the site?

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    I got there yesterday, but $10 for 6 seemed pretty steep to me…
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    Originally posted by MbassadorK
    I got there yesterday, but $10 for 6 seemed pretty steep to me…
    Not really. I remember paying $24 for 10 (From Concept Kitchen which did go out of bussiness)

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