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    With the new 3G phones, do you send a SMS message by sending email to:

    <phone number>

    or by sending it to:

    <logon userid> ?

    Any ideas?
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    The first one, <phone number>

    at least that's what works on my Treo 300 .. and my data portion still isn't provisioned yet. Only voice and SMS works.
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    How do you send SMS messages FROM your Treo?

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    not sure you can. manual only talks about receiving
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    From the Handspring Treo300 FAQ:

    Q. What are the messaging capabilities on Treo 300?
    A. The Treo 300 does offer SMS that operates differently than with Treo 270 or Treo 180 since it is on the CDMA network. Today, the SMS experience on the Sprint network is more like one way paging. SMS messages can be sent via Sprint's Web site (, network alerts (such as stock, weather and sports news), or from the paging option from the Sprint VoiceMail system. SMS capability on the Treo 300 has been enhanced for network alerts by providing a Web browsing option for URLs contained within the alert. If an SMS message includes a phone number, you can dial it directly from the message.
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    So, if the manual says that you can only receive messages, does that necessarily mean that you can't send anything? It's kinda crazy if you can only receive messages and not send any! Since messages are essentially emails (I think) can't you just reply directly to an SMS message?

    Can anybody verify how this actually works on the Treo?
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    I saw that other thread...I just couldn't believe that you can't compose SMS msgs! That other thread doesn't really shed any light on how to compose, or at least have two way communications via sms. Someone implies that there may be freeware SMS clients that receive and compose, but there has been nothing solid.

    have you been able to find some kind of solution?
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    You can only receive SMS messages with the SMS program. As far as I can tell, you can send them through via Blazer, or mail them via a mail program.

    No, this isn't ideal. I would have wished that the SMS program would at least give you an option to send and transparently proxy it through the HTTP or SMTP servers. We shall see if Hanspring (or a third party) does this. I hope they do.

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    Try - free sms service linking all US and many international wireless network messaging services. It works very well in Blazer for outbound messaging to GSM or Sprint or any other kind of phone.

    Tip: Make sure you set up a group even if you want to send to only one person. It has kludgy UI/organization values but works very well otherwise.

    It does lots more too - like sports results, reminder messages, group SMS etc.
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    Word to the wise... Be very careful with
    It crashes my Treo and forces me to use a hard reset to restore data. :-( (time-comsuming)

    I guess I'd better use the Spring messaging site. :-(

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