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    I looked at the Treo 300 today in my local Sprint store but since I live in an area with somewhat spotty Sprint coverage, I am unsure what to expect when I am "out of area." Presumably I would still have voice coverage (by roaming) but can I still access data services? If so, at what speed? The local Sprint employee barely understands the question. Can anyone offer any ideas? Has anyone tried to access the web or email services while outside the 3G area this weekend?

    Thanks for any replies!
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    The Treo 300 is a single band phone which means that if you are out of the 3g coverage the phone does not work. I was shocked as well after using the phone for the weekend. I do a lot of traveling and this phone sucks if you leave the minimal 3g coverage area. I would stick with the I300 until the I330 comes out. The I330 is dual band.
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    This caught me off guard as well. Not for the 3G portion but for the voice.

    Audi is right... The Treo is a single band 1900Mhz phone. Verizon and most other DIGITAL providers are 800Mhz so unless you are roaming on another 1900Mhz carrier(Cricket, Verizon in Florida, etc.), not only can you forget about 3G, but voice won't work either.
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    I am surprised by these replies. Even though the Treo 300 is a CDMA phone and even though CDMA is more widely present in the USA (as compared to GSM), is it true that I cannot use the phone AT ALL when I am out of the Sprint 3G network area? Sorry to ask the same question again but I am shocked to find this out, if this is the case.

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