Just spent over 1 hour on hold waiting to talk with 3g tech support. Presumably these guys know something about 3g (maybe).

According to the person I spoke to, who I questioned for 5 minutes on the subject, the transition to 3g is not yet complete. There is no ETA yet on when it will be done. But this explains why I was receiving marginal to slow bandwidth.

So, according to this droid at Sprint, the official word from his mouth is that the 3g conversion is not yet complete.

As far as what we can expect -- if you are able to access data on your 3g phone now, you will not have to do anything (reprogram, reprovision, etc) once 3g transition is complete. It will be "seamless" and you'll transition over to the new 3g speed without any need to do anything.

Lets just hope this happens soon. As of right now, 3g does not officially exist yet.