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    GreenAcres, I didn't test 2.6.3..... I think it would work though.... just upgrade to 4!
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    Originally posted by Fikse
    intractv, I had the same problem.... I could not get an IR hotsync to complete with my titanium and the treo 300, it would always choke when it got to a larger .prc file.... this was in Mac OS9 and X
    You nailed it on the head! The size of the file must cause some sort of error (I was attempting an install). I don't think there are any configuration settings for IR on the MAC so I'm not sure where to go.

    I guess I'm going to have to sync on one of my PC's for now.
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    Originally posted by intractv

    You nailed it on the head! The size of the file must cause some sort of error (I was attempting an install). I don't think there are any configuration settings for IR on the MAC so I'm not sure where to go.

    I guess I'm going to have to sync on one of my PC's for now.
    I haven't had any IR trouble other than to say that it's very slow and at times I might THINK it's choked.
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    I spun off a message to Handspring using their online suggestion form. They wrote me back a modified form letter which was really unsatisfying. So I wrote them a response. The three letters appear here with the removal only of personally identifying info.


    From: [XXXX XXXXX]
    Date: 8/13/02 22:36:14

    COMMENTS: I own [XXX] shares of Handspring, so I request the following as a shareholder as well as customer. I'd really like it if you could make a priority of bringing Mac OS X compatibility to any newly introduced Treo products. I've been paying close attention to the TreoCentral news website. I was holding off on buying the 180 or 270 because anyone who's had their service in LA will advise one not to go with Cingular. Despite their forward-thinking GSM offering, their service and reach are sub-par.

    Obviously I'm disappointed with your newest Treo 300. As the iPod demand suggests, Mac customers are a group who enjoy and are willing to buy expensive toys and show them off to friends and colleagues. If you get them on your team, you have allies. If you slight them, you end up with a crowd equally as vocal about their being left out as they are in praise when you design a good product. In this sense, they have a larger reach and impact than their 4% market share would suggest. Also, the team at Handspring (and before that at Palm) must know what it is like to go head to head with Microsoft. It is irresponsible to not align yourselves (in a technical compatibility sense) with your Macintosh user base.


    on 2002.08.14 7:34 PM, Customer Care wrote:

    Dear [XXXX XXXXXX],

    Thank you for sending your comments to Handspring. We are continuously working to improve our products and services and appreciate the time you have spent sending us your email with your feedback.

    There are several Mac OS X conduits in various stages: released, public beta, and under development. You can find most of the information you need at

    an Apple-run website with tips and tricks for using a Palm OS device with Mac OS X. Most importantly, the Apple website maintains an up-do-date list of popular Macintosh OS X conduits, and where they are in the development process (and, of course, how to get 'em).

    This website is cared for by Apple, and any questions about information on the site should be directed to Apple's customer service area. We are providing the Apple link for informational purposes only.

    If you want a particular conduit for Macintosh OS X that does not appear to be under development, contact the desired conduit's author or vendor (usually the same people who make the Windows and Macintosh OS 9.x conduits) and ask them if they have any plans for producing a Macintosh OS X native version of their conduits.

    You may have heard that the Palm, Inc. version of Palm Desktop 4.0 for Macintosh was released recently. Handspring does not provide technical support for Palm's version of Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac, as this software has not passed the tests for use with Handspring products. An OS X compatible version of Palm Desktop will become available on Handspring's website as soon as it passes our testing process and is ready for public consumption.

    If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding our products and services, please call Customer Care at 1-888-565-9393 during the hours of 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST Monday through Friday, and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST Saturday.

    Handspring Email Response

    Dear Handspring Customer Care,

    When one writes into a customer feedback section, what they want to hear is:

    "I understand that you are requesting x and x and x. I see why these issues are important. It's important to us too, for the very reasons you suggested. I will see if we can accommodate your needs soon. Here are some of the problems we are facing. Here's what we're looking to do. Thank you for your feedback, we take your suggestions and concerns very seriously and try to incorporate them into our new product lines. I will pass your message onto the team involved with developing the product."

    I think that your response to my letter is ineffective, in that it passes the buck to other developers (Apple and Palm, and "conduit makers"). I own stock in both of the companies you mentioned, and I understand the issues involved and motivations of these two companies. For their part, Apple gets great press for its allies, and makes it a priority to write software into the OS and into their free iApps to automatically recognize and synch with peripheral products like cameras, mp3 players, printers and scanners. I'm sure they'd love to work with Handspring to make a Treo icon appear on the desktop when plugging in your device, and setting up clean integration with their Mail application. The other company you mentioned, Palm, shipped Palm OS 3.5 and now Palm OS 4, both of which do make attempts to integrate with the Mac OS. Palm 3.5 (with some modifications) is what Handspring is using in their new Treo 300. So what's up? Does it not hotsync with the Mac OS? Why would Handspring drop Apple support already built into Palm 3.5, and if you didn't disable Mac compatibilities, please make it public where you are and are not still compatible. Currently, you're getting really bad buzz in the message boards because word is the Treo 300, unlike other Handspring products, is not compatible with the Mac.

    I see Handspring working in partnership with Sprint, who predominantly focus on support of the various iterations of the Microsoft OS with their PCS products. I can see Handspring is under a lot of pressure to put their new Treo out the door. Developing for the Mac represents challenges to your timeliness and budget. I can see the obstacles and the arguments against building-in compatibility for the Mac, given it represents such a small user-base.

    What I would hope is you could effect Sprint's policies: make sure they understand that although 4% US market share doesn't seem like much, that 4% group represents tech-toy-hungry consumers who are disproportionately willing to drop $500 for a new gadget than the PC market, which represents an economically far more diverse market segment. The demographics seem clear. Mac users often appreciate and make purchase decisions based on style, a good UI, and a smart, sexy integration of form and function. The Treo fits that product profile; you made an excellent product - it's got almost exclusively rave reviews, and it comfortably fulfills the promise of integrated technology that's been abuzz for years. If we base our decisions largely on market share, then it doesn't make sense when a new Mac product demands a far larger portion of media attention. But the Mac enjoys the benefits of an eccentric, media-***** celebrity for a CEO. And the media seems to understand that Mac users are the kind of people who cause marketing epidemics because they talk about and show off their new products and gadgets. Sprint basically should want them on their team, the expense or market share questions, in this light, are consequential, but understandably secondary issues.

    Here's what I would hope: that Handspring put out the door the Treo 300 or the next generation of your Treo products as they are currently, yet make a commitment to upgrading the software/firmware for OS X compatibility within two months after a product ships. Make it a second or third priority, but please make it a priority. I think, for the reasons I outlined above, that shipping for the Mac OS makes good marketing sense.


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    the really sad part is that the Treo is totally compatible using their serial cable..... do they not know this? many people will just read their lame statement, blaming palm, and not buy the Treo..... when it works perfect using their serial cable....
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