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    When I try to call anything. It prompts me for a calling card
    Cannot connect to the 'net, either.

    I have good signal strength, and live in San Jose, CA.

    I'm on my 3rd cs rep
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    It now works. Posting from blazer...
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    how fast.....

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    what did u do?
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    Originally posted by work_permit
    what did u do?
    I think my problem was that my treo doesn't cycle power after programming, and none of the 1st 5 CSRs knew to tell me to manually turn it off and on before using it.

    The 6th one did.

    It's hard to say if that was the real problem, tho - because programming attempt #6 also followed a hard reset (which others didn't) and the unchecking of some checkbox whose name escapes me - something about "use same # for roaming".

    In any case it works, and it seems fast. I went to one page that was 180K, and the amount downloaded counter moved pretty fast there on the images. Felt faster than my PC modem which connects at 50Kbps. Though that is a seat of the pants evaluation based on one data point. I can tell you once the 3 months free trial ends, I won't be going to 180k pages to often, though. I got the $74.99 5000 mins / 20MB plan which I am sharing with a new cheapo Sanyo tri-band I bought.

    BTW: Sprint told me that their Business Services server will be on and off until 5am CST Tuesday - which explains why I have been having trouble checking my email via the phone today (error 109 and 110)
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    How long is "pretty fast"? 30 seconds? 2 minutes?
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    Originally posted by work_permit
    How long is "pretty fast"? 30 seconds? 2 minutes?
    I think it was probably 45 seconds.

    More trials, actually measured:

    123K 1:05 Spent half the time doing nothing
    233K 1:20 Spent > half the time doing nothing
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    Tha is the best so far: 15-23kbps. Still, I'm not as impressed with how fast it is when its "bursting" IIts the total time I care about.

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