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    Has anyone attempted to roam off the Sprint network onto another digital network yet?

    I am currently in an area that has full Verizon Digital coverage but no Sprint coverage. I am holding the Treo about an inch away from the Verizon phone. The Verizon phone has 5 bars and the Treo has No Service. My Treo has been activated on the new 2000minutes/2mb/89.95 plan. I am not trying for Data yet as it won't rollout until tomorrow. Just voice at this point.

    It is my understanding that the Treo's will roam onto another digital CDMA carrier but you will be charged an off-network roaming fee.

    Any ideas?
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    Verizon is CDMA 800 and your Treo is only single band PCS (1900 MHz). You can roam on Cricket, Northcoast and other CDMA 1900 carriers and even on Verizon in Florida but most Verizon markets are not accessible to your phone.

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