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    I need the ability to purge sms and phone calls from with in Cell Plan Tracker. With an added feature of purging anything not related to this months bill.

    BTW, is 1.3 the latest?
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    Yes, I'm pretty sure 1.3 is the latest version. Hopefully there will be a new version someday soon with data/kb tracking.

    I agree that purging call history and SMS based on date (i.e. prior to the current, or even previous, billing cycle) would be very cool, and save quite a bit of time and tapping over the current method. The only way to do it now is to go into the call history itself and purge entries older than either one or two months, then individually delete all the entries remaining prior to your billing cycle. Same for SMS, except for that there's no "all" category, so you have to switch between inbox and outbox to make sure both sets of old SMS are purged. What a drag. Oh well. they don't take up a lot of room in RAM, so I usually just wait a while and purge messages that are more than 1 or two months old and leave the extras in there. At least they don't interfere with Cell Plan Tracker's results.

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    I've had to do full resets a couple of times, & have found that Cell Plan doesn't back it's settings up.

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