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    I activated my phone around the same time you did (9am est) and used it. When I called back cust svc, they seemed to get all nervous that I used it before 12 EST, and before it got provisioned for data. Cust Svc directed me to tech support.

    Its now 7pm, no username in phone app.

    I wonder if our phones are screwed up.
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    Originally posted by finadvsr
    Hey Kami

    Can we get the name and number of the person who activated you properly?? I don't think there is ANYONE here who is getting the speed that you're getting...and Sprint PCS reps are a bunch of misfits! You can get 10 different answers from 3 different people there.
    Sure. His name is Ruben. I found him to be thoughtful, patient and pleasant to work with. He said they'd had a crash course in the new network, and was apologetic that he was so new to it. He was blown away by the Treo--this was his first experience with it.
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