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    Where is the Address Book? This was one on my main uses of my Palm/Visor.
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    On the Treo300, Handspring decided to merge the Address Book and Phone apps. Start the PhoneBook application, then go to the Contacts view. If you tap the name (instead of the phone #), it will bring up the address data.
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    Ok, thanks Broom. Not that that help me, somehow with the new install all my addresses and memos got wiped out. Iíll have to wait until Monday and at least restore them on my Prism from my work computer. But I am concerned about installing the new software at work for fear of loosing my PDA data there. Though perhaps because I am already using Outlook at work things will work better. On my home computer I switched from the Palm desktop to Outlook and that may be the source of my problem.

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