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    I have now confirmed that TreoButton disables the backlight on the keyboard for the Treo 300.

    Please tell me how to fix this. I have uninstalled the application by deleting it, I have done a hard reset. I have even re-installed TreoButton, reset all to defaults, and performed a hard reset. Still nothing will work.

    TreoButton has caused the backlight on the keyboard to stop functioning. The only time the backlight on the keyboard works is when I press the PHONE button, which is the only button I did not reprogram with TreoButton.

    This is very frustrating. Can you help?
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    I have been using a 300 for about a day with Treo Button installed and am not having the same experience. Maybe a hardware problem?

    Have you tried pressing the power button twice in rapid succession? On both the 270 and the 300 that will turn the keyboard backlight on (and dim the display).
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    Once again, this was a false alarm. Standard functionality of the Treo.


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