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    I was looking over the print brochure on sprint PCS vision. Very Interesting read.

    They claim that, with 8mbytes, you can receive 25 instant messages and either 500 emails and 350 web pages, or 75 emails and 500 web pages. Also, that with an additional 12Mbytes, you can receive 750 web pages or 2300 emails.

    This implies that an email is 5kbyes, and that a web page is 16kbyes. Isn't 16kbytes for a webpage a bit "light? Their own welcome page takes 50 kbyes to refresh, yahoo takes 40kbytes. Are they being a bit fast and loose with this number?

    By the way, for their non-pda phones they claim you can download 1100 webpages with 6mbytes. I assume they mean wap pages?
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    Maybe they are basing the webpage sizes on Blazer rather than a desktop web browser. Using Blazer the sizes you mention are not unrealistic. Turning off graphics, which Blazer permits, saves even more.

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