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    Does anyone know if the new 3g service with Sprint will have better signal strength/reception? I've tried a Treo 270 with VoiceStream service and a Treo 300 with Sprint PCS service in north metro Atlanta. Neither carrier provided adequate signal strength where I work.

    Also, does anyone have any information as to if/when Verizon will offer a Treo phone? My Verizon service (with a Motorola StarTac phone) has been flawless.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Actually, I'm just about to post my recent finding. A friend of mine was just over with her Sprint phone. She had 3-5 bars on her phone whille my Treo 300 had one bar. This same thing occured when I had the Treo 270. I am beginning to think that the problem is not with Sprint or Voicestream, but with the Treo line's antenna. Anyone else care to comment?
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    Rather than looking at bars, try finding a place where you get dropped calls or signal breakup, then do a comparison between the two phones.

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