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    Looks like on Sprint we don't pay per SMS message, but rather by how much data is transferred.

    How much data does an SMS message use? I know that the text itself is limited to less than 200 characters, but with headers and minimum packet sizes, I imagine that it could be 1K or more.

    Anyone know?


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    How does one even compose an SMS on the Treo 300? I saw the SMS app, but it seems to be read only, I don't see a CREATE button?
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    According to the docs (and SMS application itself), it is just for receiving SMS messages sent from other PCS users or via email to <user> Somewhat disappointing. There are other email clients out there, but being able to send and receive SMS messages is one thing that was nice on my VisorPhone (GSM of course).
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    Sprint really went out of their way to obscure the SMS issue this time. Page 28 of the PDF Treo 300 manual on the FCC's website has the heading "Sending and Receiving SMS Message," not "Receiving SMS Messages" like the final print manual has. Interestingly, the instructions below the "Sending and Receiving" heading are identical to the printed manual: the instructions and illustrations only show you how to receive SMS messages, despite the heading.
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    Any recommendations for freeware SMS clients that work on the 300?
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    I don't think any of them will work... They may be all written for GSM networks...

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