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    Thanks for the answer!
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    they will work after you install some files...... I transferred the necessary files from an I300 to the Treo 300 by beaming them using the Filez program....

    I am still trying to get the files needed from the I300 to my computer so that I can have them backed up in case I need to do a hard reset....

    any ideas how to get these system files backed up to the computer?

    the files need are:

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    Will adding these files hurt the Treo in any way? (ie conflict w other system files?)
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    No it wont cause any problems. The files are not hacks.

    Originally posted by ijablokov
    Will adding these files hurt the Treo in any way? (ie conflict w other system files?)
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    Where can you get these files from? Can you pull them from a ROM using the Palm Emulator? If so, which version of these files would be the most compatible w/ the 300? A Palm VII, i705, or m515 ROM?
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    I pulled the files from a Samsung I300, which is another smartphone that runs the same Palm operating system as the Treo..... I would post the files needed, but I have no way to get them off either device..... I beamed them using filez from the I300 to the Treo.....
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    Palm OS4.0 Web Clipping Files.

    If you have an m505/m515 these are already in ROM. If you have a Treo or other device that doesn't include the Web Clipping software you can try installing these. BE SURE TO SOFT-RESET AFTER INSTALLING.
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    Originally posted by ichaz

    Palm OS4.0 Web Clipping Files.

    Has anyone installed this? Are there any issues because the Treo does not run OS4.0?
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    There is a version for palm 3.3..If you click on the link, you will see it at the bottom of the page. Havent tried it yet.
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    OK, I gave the 3.3 version a try, but none of the PQA's work, they all give me 1410 Network Errors.
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    yeah, its not working...anyone get this to work yet? I actually like the web clippings..downloading large sites on the blazer just doesn't do it for me.
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    here they are:
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I use JPSystems PQA browser without any problems. It works with GopherKings PQA MobileMail and other useful PQAs.

    I suspect the problem with the Palm PQAs is simply setting the right Proxy servers and location prefs. I dont have a location for these settings but I have seen it discussed here on this board before.
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    Fikse, thanks for the files, I'll give them a try... Did they work on your Treo?

    meta_dave, can you post a link to the PQA Browser, can't seem to find it on the JP site.

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    can you leave a link for that browser?

    JPS PQA Browser
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    Here's a detailed link on exactly how to do this. I haven't tried it yet, but it includes information on setting the proxy server.
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    they should work, you can load the pqa, and it attempts to connect.... but of course sprint can't get their lame a** together and get the *** **** *** *** data working on my phone....
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    U need to login to get itSurewave download
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