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    Is there a way to set the Treo 90 so that the backlight is off, by default? I've scoured the manual, but found nadda. Didn't even realize that this differed from the Preferences set-brightness-level doohickey, until I started using Launcher III 3x. It has handy "gadgets", among them: one toggles the backlight off and on, per tap; another opens the Preferences set-brightness-level screen. Because the latter does NOT change when I tap the on-off backlight gadget, I figure it's two entirely distinct thingies. (??)

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    8/11 Update: From PalmGear, tried "LightSwitch 2.1F" alone, deleted, then "LightPowerPak 1.1c". Each go round, I got the "Fatal Error" screen. Hence, this warning.
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    As those of us who have suffered the "failed backlight" problem can attest, you DON'T want to be able to turn off the backlight - the display is completely unreadable without it. Handspring apparently designed the Treo series to require a backlight for basic readability.
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    Respectfully, I disagree with you. I'll grant you that I can't work with BOTH the backlight off, and the brightness level turned all the way down. But, it's fine if the backlight is off and the brightness is set just to the left of midway, provided it's daylight hours. I don't even need my retinas-older-than-30 glasses! That includes playing Bounce Out, ebook reading, db creation/edits, word processing, etc.

    The resulting dramatic plus change in battery life is what sparked my hunt/request.

    Thanks anyway! I do appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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    there is a difference between sliding the backlight control all the way down and having the backlight fail. Even when the brightness scroll bar is all the way down, the backlight is still on.
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    I think tantousha's correct, that the backlight is still on for normal operation. When my backlight failed, I could barely see enough in very good lighting conditions to be able to hard-reset my Treo before sending it back to Handspring (after I'd hotsync'd to make sure my data was backed up). Your idea for minimizing the use of the backlight for extending battery life is definitely a good one, though.
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    Originally posted by tantousha
    there is a difference between sliding the backlight control all the way down and having the backlight fail. Even when the brightness scroll bar is all the way down, the backlight is still on.
    Hey, I work at an Observatory and having the backlight be dimmer (or even red) would be great! How do you adjust that?

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    Use the blue option key with the "Q" letter [there's a contrast icon on the Q key]--- that will get ya to the contrast screen. It's got a slider control. As for turning the backlight off, only way I've figured out how to do it is with Launcher III 3x. It has a bunch of gadgets-- among them, the contrast/brightness doohickey, and a turn on-off gadget -- all one-tap deals. There's a trial version at, so you can play around with it to see what's up.
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    Well I never noticed that before Thanks!!!
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    I saw it posted elsewhere here so I thought I'd add this little piece of info.

    You can toggle the status of the backlight on and off by double-pressing the power button. The device chirps and the light noticeably goes on/off.

    Also as mentioned, any software/hack that controls the backlight for other palm-based models appears to work as well. I control the backlight through SilverScreen without any problems.

    Contrary to what I've read, I have no problems using the T90 with the backlight off (but then again my PC desktop resolution is 1200x1600 and I regularly use a GameBoy Advance that has no backlight at all).

    In fact, I need to track down a hack or something that turns the backlight off immediately so I can reduce battery wear but still turn it on when I need it.
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    The double tap of the power button is not turning the backlight on and off. It is switching between the lowest possible setting and the one you have it set at for normal use.

    It would be pretty much impossible to use the screen without the backlight, due to how it's designed, IIRC
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    ok, well, the Treo has me fooled then. What I'm calling the backlight toggle does not seem to alter the brightness/contrast at all (I'm doing it while I'm in the contrast settings) and every palm application used to control the backlight has the same effect on the Treo as double-pressing the power button).

    On a tangent, I answered my quest sorta. I found a combination hack/preference panel that can automatically turn off the 'backlight' when I power the Treo on. Yay.

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