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    My Treo 180, which was working fine yesterday, is acting very badly today. It doesn't have much 3rd party software on it, and I didn't install anything new yesterday, so I'm not sure what might be causing the issue.

    I flipped the lid on it earlier & got a dead screen. A soft reset brought up the "palm powered" reboot screen but nothing else. So I tried a hard reset. That got it functioning again. I checked the battery level & it was at 100%. I then did a hotsync (with backup buddy) to do a full data restore. After hitting reset at the end of the data restore, I get a "Fatal Alert" error message that reads:

    "DataMgr.c, Line:8589, Index out of range"

    A soft reset and a hard reset both bring me back to this screen. This isn't looking good. Anyone have suggestions for what else I can try to do to fix it?

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    I'd say if a hard reset doesn't bring it back (which it really should!) it's hosed.
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    I finally got a hard reset to work.

    Dumping AOL IM and the PQAs out of my backup directory and then reinstalling got everything working again. Why/when/how those files got corrupted, I have no idea.

    At least I have a working Treo again!

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