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    Has anyone switched from Cingular to Voicestream? I just got the surprise of my life when I found Cingular was charging me *60* cents a minute to call Canada, whereas Voicestream / T-Mobile has North American LD and roaming plans... There was a nice $125 added to my bill.

    My main question is this: are there are any other cancellation fees I need to watch out for other than the $150 early-contract-termination fee from Cingular? I have a vague recollection there was a Treo-specific penalty around $200 if you cancelled before three months were up. Anyway, I can't find reference to it. Does anyone know?

    Also wondering if there are any phone locking issues when moving.

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    OK, after wading through their documentation, Handspring will charge you $200 for changing to a lower priced plan as well as if you cancel. This applies for 90 days after staring a Cingular account, and 120 days for a Voicestream account.

    I can understand charging $200 if I cancel the plan as the Treo 270 is subsidized, but why would they do this if I am moving down a pricing tier? Has anyone gotten a waiver on this?

    I never though I'd hate cell phone companies (and their minions) as much as I did the cable company, but I guess I was wrong.

    Treo 270 / Cingular

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