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    A couple of quick questions? One about the 300 and the other about the 7135. I was talking to Sprint yesterday looking at picking up one. The salesperson was saying the Treo 300 had 32 Megs of memory. I thought that it had 16 Megs? Though superhuman willpower I decided to wait until Sunday to see if I might get a better deal with Best Buy.

    Second is the GPS function in the 7135 available to the user? For example could Quo Vadis use it? Finding my way around using my Palm, then the Visor with GPS is one of my uses. A side question I suppose, can I hook up a GPS to the Treo? On my Prism with the Sprint Data link module installed I am not able to use the serial port.
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    You are right. The Treo only has 16 Mb of RAM, but then so does the 7135 (good thing the 7135 has an expansion slot).

    The 7135 does allow you to turn off the GPS service but I am not sure if you are going to be able to use the features. This all depends on the applications that Sprint and Kyocera load into the phone at launch. If I hear more, I will update you.

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    The Treo 300 has 16M.

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