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    Can someone that understands German please take a look at this piece of software and tell me what it's supposed to do? It appears to be a pretty cool dialer/SMS sending app, but then in the description there's a lot of talk about IR, and that's where I get lost. I tried the software, and am apparently not using it correctly, because I get nothing but failed results.

    A good page with screenshots and explanations is here.

    I have a feeling that the IR component makes this not what I'd like it to be. Otherwise, it would be a very cool little free app for dialing or SMSing right from the contact list.

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    Here is the site translated by Google or Altavista's BabelFish.

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    Yeah, I tried that first, but had no idea what they were talking about half the time.
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    Hi! Not too sure how this will look,
    since I'm writing this on my Prism,
    but I guess we'll find out.
    The Dial program described is
    meant to be used between your
    palm device and a device called a
    Handy, which I'm guessing is an IR
    enabled cell phone.
    Basically you select a phone number from the palm address
    book, enable the Handy device IR,
    press send on the palm device and
    the Handy will dial it for you.
    The SMS seems to work on the
    same principle.
    I was going to do a google search
    for the Handy thing, but it might
    take me a while with the thinmodem.
    Hope that helps a bit.
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    That does help; thanks. Now I'm just going to wish that Dial! (or some other app) did what I was hoping-- a slim, fast contact list that you can choose to dial or SMS from.

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